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Nicklas Jarnesjö goes public/open source


I have thought about it for while and want to have a public repository or project that can help people or find inspiration. But as many other developers I find hard to share my code public and have imposter syndrome about myself and my profession.

But this time I thought fuck it I do it any way maybe I share something stupid or secret in my code. But hey in that case if someone would look through the code and find something I hope we can fix it together. But to be honest I as many time we think to much about others and what they will think, but in reality they are to busy thinking about themself anyway. So the chance that anyone will look through the code it quite small.

I have went outside the box with some solutions and found it hard to find inspiration about so hope it can help others in the seek.

You can find the repo on Github

I have added a LICENSE.txt to the project

1. You are free to use this code as inspiration.
2. Please do not copy it directly.
3. Crediting the author is appreciated.

No confusing license. Be kind and help others learn.

(License copied from, because I liked it)

And as a bonus you will get a great comic strip about imposter syndrome

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