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Nicklas Jarnesjö

Who's Jarnesjö?

Nicklas Jarnesjö posing

Hi! I'm Nicklas Jarnesjö and I have worked as web developer since 2010.

I'm curious by nature and love to learn new things both in the real world and sniffing around in others source code.


Most of the time I work at Webready, a small development agency in Kalmar, Sweden, which I'm also founded in 2008 during my development eduction.
We were specializing in PHP and worked mainly with Laravel and WordPress. Since then we have shift focus and working more with the JS-stack both with clients and as consultants.


Beside development I like to doing CrossFit especially olympic weightlifting. I'm fortune enough to have a small family with two children which I like to spend time and laugh together with. Also loves the woods and nature.

One of my biggest dreams are to move to a small farm and getting back to roots with animals and farming.

Also owning a small farm where we have chickens, rabbits, cats and doing farming. Since the move the country a intreset for wood working has begin and love spending time with restoring old windows.

Nicklas doing rope climbs