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Hot reload with next-remote-mdx in Next.js


When starting this blog I was investigating what kind of package I would you for mdx. It was a couple of options. Next.js has their on package but it you have to place all of your posts in the pages-directory. Often this wouldn't be a problem but I would to have them outside and the structure like this:

├── unbalance-sound-on-mace/
│   ├── index.mdx
│   └── unbalance-sound-on-mace.png
└── blurred-image-placeholder-for-nextjs-image/
    ├── index.mdx
    ├── blurred-placeholder-animation.gif
    └── next-image-blurred-placeholder.png

My choice fell on next-remote-mdx because it felt more flexible. By making this choice I had to make a trade off to not getting the automatic hot reload I would have get if I have chosen Next.js own implementation. Util I found that the author of next-remote-mdx had wrote a npm package solving just that and lets you watch directories outside of the regular Next.js and trigger hot reload of it's own.

They are doing by using undocumented API in Next.js so by that mean it could stop working in future updates without notice. So it could be a good idea to lock your Next.js version in package.json or just keep it mind.

The solution

npm install --save-dev next-remote-watch

Update your npm script for dev to use this new package to get hot reload out of the box on changes in specified directory, in my case ./posts in the root.

"scripts": {
    "dev": "next-remote-watch ./posts",
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