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Format currency and units with locale in js with a breeze


Working with numbers, currency and other units can be a real pain itself. Then add locale to it the headache gets real.

There for when I found Int.Numberformat() I totally fell in love ❤️


Say for example you have have a number, price, you want to present in locale specific way you have to know specific formatting where to put space ,,, . or the currency symbol and so on.

Lets take a look at a price in EURO and we want to present if to our Swedish audience first

console.log(new Intl.NumberFormat('sv-SE', {style: 'currency', currency: 'EUR'}).format(123456.789))
// 123 456,79 €

Then want to present it to our friends in USA

console.log(new Intl.NumberFormat('en-US', {style: 'currency', currency: 'EUR'}).format(123456.789))
// €123,456.79

Amazing isn't it! It's just works.


It's alls work with units too. For example liter, kilometer-per-hours and combine it with unitDisplay: 'long' and you will get in correct singular and plural.

  new Intl.NumberFormat('sv-SE', {
    style: 'unit',
    unit: 'kilometer-per-hour',
    unitDisplay: 'long'
// 50 kilometer per timme


Safari don't have fully support for other units then currency, decimal and percent both desktop and iOS right now.

Is Safari starting to be the new IE?

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